How to delete stock app icons? [TWEAK - NO JB REQ'D]

The iOS is gold. Simple, intuitive, beautiful. There is not much I would change. Well maybe a thing or two, but that is what a jailbreak is for. One of my favorite features is the hold-til-it-wiggles gesture to delete app icons. Just too easy. However, it always bothered me that I could not delete the stock app icons in the same way. I do use many apps from the AppStore as replacements to the stock ones, and always found myself with a bunch of icons that I did not want/need on my screen. When my iPhone was jailbroken, I used Poof (FREE on BigBoss) to hide the icons. On a non-jailbroken iPhone, however, there is no such option, and I had to resort to storing the icons in a folder called “Useless” or something similar. From iOS5 onwards, the Newsstand icon/folder messed up my system even more as I could not place it inside my “Useless” folder. Similarily, when my iPhone was jailbroken, I used NoNewsIsGoodNews (FREE on BigBoss) to hide Newsstand, but without a jailbreak, I now had two different rubbish icons on my screen. This is enough to make a person without OCD go crazy!

Luckily, a few weeks ago a “tweak” came out that works on a non-jailbroken iPhone which allows you to hide any stock app icon, including Newsstand. It was created by RageMasta and comes in the form of a Passbook pass called PassHack. This was doubly exciting for me as it was my first Passbook pass since on iOS6. Here is how to get it working on your iPhone:

1) Open Safari on your iPhone and go to Scroll down until you see the “Add to Passbook” button. Press it.

2) The pass will appear on your screen. Press “Add” in the top-right corner. Open your Passbook app and choose the PassHack pass. Press on the ‘i’ in the bottom-right corner of the pass.

3) Scroll down the list and choose the stock app icon that you want to hide. For example, I will be hiding Newsstand, therefore I will press on


4) You will be taken to a different webpage and a pop-up will appear “ would like to install “Newsstand Hide”. Press “Install”.

5) Safari will close, you will see your home screen, and another pop-up will appear “Unable to Download Application – “Newsstand Hide” could not be downloaded at this time.” Press “Done”.

6) Hold-til-it-wiggles on any icon on the screen. You will notice that the stock icon now has an ‘X’ in the top-left corner, allowing you to simply hide the icon by pressing it. Confirm on the pop-up.

It’s gone! Done!

If you reboot your iPhone all the icons that you hide using PassHack will reappear. However, the pass remains within your Passbook app and you can use it again to hide the stock apps.


  1. SBSettings

    Use SBSettings. You don’t have to download particular hides,you can automatically hide ANY app,And if you reset your iDevice the icons will still be hidden.

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